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Cement is a critical ingredient in concrete on which our modern lives are built. Our homes, schools, hospitals, roads, bridges and so much more depend on this essential building material. It is the reason concrete is the second most consumed substance on the planet after water.

To see how big a part cement and concrete play in our everyday lives, take a tour of your home.

By its nature, cement manufacturing is an energy and carbon intensive process. The industry is playing its part in the fight to tackle climate change. Since 1998, carbon dioxide emissions from the industry have been cut by nearly 21% and, in 2012, emissions were more than 6 million tonnes less than in 1998.

The cement industry also plays a major role in UK waste management. It safely uses waste products both as alternative raw materials and fuels in its manufacturing process. Indeed, it now uses over 1.4 million tonnes of waste in this way and hence is a major contributor to helping UK government meet its recycling targets.

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