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Standards and Technical

The role of MPA Cement’s Standards and Technical team is to ensure that the use of cement and concrete in construction is supported by up-to-date, relevant and comprehensive specifications, standards and codes of practice. It is the MPA’s role to co-ordinate the industry's input into British, European and International standards.

Standards and Technical operates in three main areas:

  • cement
  • concrete and mortar
  • concrete design, codes and standards.

To ensure that the technical content of the standards, as well as the technical advice the MPA makes available to industry through other routes, is both appropriate and robust, MPA Cement's Standards and Technical Team is involved with numerous research and development projects. This work is in partnership with representatives from all sides of the construction industry and with The Concrete Centre, as well as in collaboration with government departments and universities.

Cement standards

The current British and European Standard for the 27 types of common cement available in Europe is:

  • BS EN 197-1: 2011. Cement Part 1: Composition, specifications and conformity criteria for common cements.

The current British and European standard for masonry cement is BS EN 413-1: 2011. Masonry cement Part 1: Composition, specifications and conformity criteria.

These product specifications are supported by standardised test methods in the BS EN 196-series.

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