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Current issues - Climate change

Greenhouse Gas reduction strategy

The UK cement industry has assessed how it can achieve its carbon targets and has developed a greenhouse gas reduction strategy to 2050.

Download the UK Cement Industry 2050 Greenhouse Gas Strategy here.

Download the UK Cement Industry 2050 Greenhouse Gas Strategy Technical Document here.

This strategy is fully aligned with the recommendations of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development’s (WBCSD) Cement Sustainability Initiative’s Cement technology roadmap 2009 -  Carbon emissions reductions up to 2050.

The UK’s GHG reduction plans will be met through a series of measures:

  • greater use of waste derived fuels instead of virgin fossil fuels;
  • biomass fuels that are carbon neutral;
  • lower carbon cements that contain less ‘embodied’ CO2;
  • reducing levels of cement clinker in finished cements with lower carbon substitutes;
  • the decarbonisation of the electricity sector;
  • reduced transport emissions;
  • plant efficiency; and crucially,
  • deployment of carbon capture and storage when it is technically and economically available. 
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