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Industry standards

The New Concrete Standards - 352kb

European Replacements for British Standards - 570kb

Concrete design and construction standards and codes

Eurocode Article - 152kb

St George Wharf, Project Overview - 201kb

Concrete for energy -efficient buildings - The benefits of thermal mass

Comprehensive fire protection & safety with concrete

Best practice guides (BPG) listed below:

Improving concrete frame construction - 89kb

Flat slabs for efficient concrete construction - 548kb

Early Striking and improved backpropping - 183kb

Concreting for improved speed and efficiency - 102kb

Rationalisation of flat slab reinforcement - 417kb

Early age strength assessment of concrete on site - 302kb

Prefabricated punching shear reinforcement for reinforced concrete slabs - 801kb

WBCSD (World Business Council for Sustainable Development)

Cement Technology Roadmap 2009 - 1,713kb

There is an extensive collection of additional BCA publications which are available to order from  Alternatively, the complete collection of BCA publications are available online via The Construction Information Service


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