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Cement site safety

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Safe as houses

Cement is the building material that goes into our houses, roads, schools and hospitals. It is made at a cement works, using stone from quarries. Cement keeps your house strong and safe and that's just how we'd like to keep you.

MPA runs an annual campaign to dissuade young people from trespassing in quarries with the key message ‘Stay Safe…Stay Out’. Young people regularly venture into quarries, especially on hot days or in the holiday periods, but these are not places to hang out or play in: every year young people are injured or killed by entering quarries uninvited.

People who work in the cement industry have lots of training to keep them safe and they also wear special gear. Look at the quarry manager in our picture. He's wearing a helmet, boots and a high-visibility jacket. If you entered a quarry or works with no protection you could easily be injured.

Some of the places you could be hurt are:

  • quarry lakes - these can be very deep and cold - not at all like your local swimming pool.
  • steep rock faces - if you play in a quarry you could easily have a nasty fall or be hit by loose rocks. Maybe your local sports centre has a place to climb.
  • rough ground - some youngsters think a quarry is a good place to ride their bikes or motor bikes. They aren't aware of all the hidden hazards. Ask your local council where you can ride safely.
  • moving machinery - conveyor belts are very dangerous if you try to ride on them. We also have lots of powerful machinery to crush rocks and then heat them to make cement.

Within the Mineral Products Association, we run a successful campaign called Play Safe...Stay Safe to warn children about playing in quarries. Why not click on the link below and have a look around our website? Your teacher can order some fun activity leaflets and a video or arrange a safe visit for your class to a quarry.

To find out more about quarries, please visit Here you can go on a tour, drive a truck or even try turning a quarry into a nature reserve!


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