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Avoiding process burns

MPA Cement has published Guidance to Prevent Hot Meal Burns, which focuses on the hazards and associated risks posed by hot meal, the mixture of raw feed materials used in cement manufacture. It applies to people working in the dry process pre-heater towers and the areas under or around grate or cross-bar cooling systems.

The guide advises how procedures should be modified where there is potential for personal injury. It also makes recommendations to establish better control over hot meal and reduce the risk of hot meal incidents.

Hazards and Risks

Hazards are caused by blockages and accidental releases of hot cement meal at temperatures that may be up to 900C or more. The hot meal can flow like a liquid and consequently escape through any unsealed parts of the clinker manufacturing environment. Risks occur when employees are exposed to hot meal, typically during unblocking, maintenance and cleaning activities.

The guidance further covers:

  • Normal cleaning and system maintenance
  • Major blockages
  • Training
  • Completion of pre-heater tower work
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Effects and treatment of burns
  • Heat stress
  • Legal context

A copy can be downloaded from the downloads section of this website

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