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Health & safety - Operational & site safety

Delivery safety

Deliveries of cement to customer sites occur on a frequent basis. In some instances customers may receive numerous loads on any given day. Following a series of customer site incidents, MPA Cement members have introduced a Customer Site Safety Scheme to ensure that major hazards are being correctly addressed.

Bagged and bulk delivery

While these documents concentrate on a narrow set of health and safety criteria specific to bagged and bulk cement delivery, it should be considered as part of a customer's overall risk assessment.

Following an initial review of hazards and accidents associated with the delivery of bulk and bagged products, the cement companies have identified a number of important safety issues which they believe it is reasonably practicable for all customers to control. Therefore a new rating scheme is being introduced to rate how effectively these issues are being addressed by individual customer sites and improvement plans agreed where necessary.

Site delivery safety documents can be downloaded from the downloads section of this website.

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