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Natural environment

Through good housekeeping and sympathetic landscaping, companies work to minimise the impact of their operations on the local environment and their neighbours.

To manufacture cement, the industry quarries limestone or chalk and progressively restores its workings against plans agreed with local planning authorities. This has resulted in productive end-use ranging from nature reserves and improved farmland to shopping centres.

The industry has prepared action plans for each of its works to identify and protect the biodiversity of species, which in turn contributes to the promotion of biodiversity in the UK.

In recent years there have been major advances in the reduction of noise from cement quarries and factories. Factory working and vehicle movement times are controlled by planning permissions to minimise potential noise nuisance and changes to blasting practices in quarries have reduced vibration and noise.

All cement works are regulated under the EU Integrated Pollution Protection and Control Directive and are subject to the Industrial Emissions Directive. They operate environmental management systems to ISO 14001 and all works are registered under the EU’s eco-management and audit scheme, EMAS. Additionally, all MPA Cement members have either ISO 9000/9001 or their own internal system and comply with EC certification or Kite marking as appropriate.

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