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Social contributions

A cement works is often the major employer in the generally rural areas in which they are to be found. It contributes significant sums into the local community through sub-contracting or buying local services. In the UK, the industry employs over2,000 people directly, with another 15,000 jobs depending upon their operations. Indeed, salaries, business rates and spending with local companies typically add up to around £15 million-a-year for each works.

MPA Cement member companies operate structured training programmes for all employees and are leading recruiters of apprentices, especially for electrical and mechanical engineering.

Aware of its potential impact on the areas in which it operates, the industry has developed regular communication with local communities as part of its normal day-to-day activity. Communication can take a variety of forms, including:

  • newsletters explaining plans and progress
  • open days allowing communities to see the working operations
  • an open door policy for members of the community wanting a site visit
  • liaison committees providing a regular forum for dialogue between companies and community representatives

See our Cement in the Community Leaflet

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