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MPA Cement is part of the Mineral Products Association, the trade association for the aggregates, asphalt, cement, concrete, dimension stone, lime, mortar and silica sand industries.

It is the trade and research organisation that represents the interests of the UK's cement industry at national and European levels.

The cement industry contributes over a billion pounds annually to the UK economy It operates 11 kiln sites, 2 grinding and blending plants and 7 blending only sites and produces around eight million tonnes of Portland cement a year, representing about 87% of the cement sold in the UK.

There are four major manufacturers:

In pursuit of its goal of encouraging the greater and better use of cement and concrete, MPA Cement has an establishment of technical and support staff, including leading authorities on environment, legislation, materials, standards and engineering.

In addition to its membership of the Mineral Products Association, MPA Cement has strategic partnerships and links with The Concrete Society, Construction Products Association, CBI and the Trade Association Forum and CEMBUREAU (the European Cement Association).


For key facts and figures on the cement industry, click here.

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