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Fact sheets

FS1: Fire resistance of concrete - 87kb 

FS2: Thaumasite form of sulfate attack - 111kb 

FS3: Delayed ettringite formation - 108kb 

FS4: Alkali Silica Reaction - 111kb

FS5: Self-compacting concrete - 112kb

FS6: Recycled aggregates - 101kb

FS7: Using wastes as fuel and replacement raw materials in cement kilns etc - 124kb

FS8: Factory made Portland-limestone cements - 135kb

FS9: Product certification for cements and CE marking - 120kb

FS10.1: Cr(VI) Legislation for cement - implementation - 115kb

FS10.2: Cements, chromium, ferrous sulfate and other reducing agents - 112kb

FS10.3: Information for ready-mixed concrete producers & manufacturers - 140kb

FS10.4: Information for retailers - 148kb

FS10.5: Information for formulators - 145kb

FS10.6: European test method for chromium (VI) content of cement - 131kb

FS10.7: Compliance protocol for chromium (VI) content of cement - 109kb

FS10.8: Shelf-life expired cement - chromium (VI) related - 145kb

FS12: Novel cements: low energy, low carbon cements - 175kb

FS14a: Modern cements (packed) - 208kb

FS14b: Modern cements (bulk) - 211kb

FS15: Guidance on bag weight 2006 - 107kb

FS17: Cement, cement clinker and REACH - 187kb

FS18: Embodied CO2e of UK cement, additions and cementitious material - 91KB

FS19: Cement, cementitious products and drinking water - 179KB


Note: MPA Cement Fact Sheet 11, ‘The classification and characterisation of cement where discarded as waste’, has been withdrawn. Subsequent Environment Agency advice concludes that because the cement product is classified as an irritant when handled and in use, that when discarded, cement should therefore be classified as hazardous waste for the purposes of disposal. This is contrary to an expert opinion sought by MPA Cement (formerly BCA), however users should adopt a precautionary approach and follow the Environment Agency's recommendations.

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